Thunder™ MTS brings mobile trading to most of the popular smartphones currently available on the market, such as BlackBerry©, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile™, Symbian OS™ and I-mode Doja. Now you can remain productive on the go! Thunder MTS allows traders to place stop and limit orders, check dealing rates, keep an eye on all the accounts and view currency rates in a chart form.Thunder™ MTS is a truly universal trading system which is configured with seventeen world spoken languages and system requirements, compatible with most recent internet access systems and an ability to be co-used with existing trading platforms as well as taking the position of being the primary trading interface. SerSart makes your mobile trading experience as close as possible to the current options offered for desktops. Allowing you to preform nearly any action from your mobile  phone, Mobile Trading System grants you the freedom to work from any location at any time. Combined with usability and strengths of a wide range of the available mobile platforms and devices, Thunder™ MTS makes the mobile trading experience the most advanced in the market.

Registered traders may perform the following actions using Thunder™ MTS:

  • View Detailed Account Information
  • Place Market, Entry Limit, Entry Stop orders
  • Open, Close and Hedge Positions
  • Execute Stop and Limit Orders
  • Change Order Rates
  • Remove Orders completely
  • Real Time Update of Live Streaming Quotes
  • Charts (Tick, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min and Daily)
  • Set Chart Indicators

There are two versions of Thunder™ MTS available: Thunder 1 and Thunder 2. Both feature comprehensive trading, market monitoring, and back-end functionalities. The first version is compatible with most mobile devices - both recent and earlier models. However, Thunder MTS 2.0 works on newer devices and may not be compatible with earlier models.
Thunder™ MTS interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making for a smooth transition from desktop to mobile. Even beginner traders may become comfortable using Thunder™ MTS in little time. Try out one of our Thunder™ MTS versions for yourself with your free practice account and discover the convenience and potential of staying on top of the Forex market while on the go!
By providing the freedom to trade anywhere and any time, the Thunder™ Mobile Trading Platform helps traders be more profitable, more often.